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Saturday, October 30

you again!

because your kiss is on my list.. because your kiss is on my list..~~ lalalalalalal~~
hahahha... a 1988 song by hall and oates your kiss is on my list! - click to hear it! :D

seperti biasanya - balik subang and gone out with my bestie diana! ( sorry to puti coz u hve to read this one,,tp rsenyer citer ni bukan type yg kau suka so, u will not get hurt so much tho~ ) and today patutnya we have movie marathon today and turn out to only watch one movie which is YOU AGAIN!!! hahaha...BEST!! how funny when the doer who caused ur life so miserable at high school turn out to be ur future sister-in-law!!! ohhh! and more nightmare when ur mother also facing the same things when her future daughter-in-law's aunt turns out to be her EX-bestfriend! :D
plus the actors just so cute and handsome! ehehehee

well, watch it... sweet ending tho.. no worries, this kind of story memang dibuat to have that kind of ending pon (sebab if tak, then u'll not reach ur box office records!) ^^"

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