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Tuesday, August 18


it have been about 3 weeks from it??? not really sure.. straight to the point.. i miss someone.. keep thinking of the person until now.. when will the person come to my life??? when will the person notice the existing of me in this world. im not trying to against the faith... it's just something that i need to shout out loud without anyone heard bout it.. samo say sorry it's the hardest word to spill.. but for me??? im begging for their forgiveness.. pleasssee... forgive me... im not meant any harm.. im no phycic. im no future teller.. im no any weirdo bomoh who can read or tell bout something.. im just a human being who is imperfect.. lot and lots of mistakes... a lot???? yeahhh~~ that it!! let bygone be bygeno??? how??? feels like swearing.. get lost all the memories.. huh!!!