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Monday, October 11

a tale as old as time

a tale as old as time~~ hve u ever heard one before??? i continue, true as it can be...~~
its a lyric from a song sung by a teapot in a disney's fairy tale movie : the beauty and the beast~
the rest of the song : search by urself :)
disney's fairytale : when it comes to his words means it's just a fantasy! yes it is! a beautiful princess met a gorgeous guy n town and they will live happily ever after! so typical doesn't it?
well, here in reality, u dont exactly or practically live happily ever after if u dont going through any obstacles kan,
but to think again, we do like to watch that kinda stuff aite!? fairytale, big castle, magic! and a good looking and charming prince of course! (big smile u got there!) :)
even the beast is originally a handsome prince but he was cursed by a goddess for rejecting her request to have a shelter at his castle for a nyte and a rose as a gift!

to be continued

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