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Friday, October 15

i tegur u tak semestinya i nak tackle u

ok, here's an entry.. a late night entry!
hhahaha... kat pesbook skunk ni kan there are a LOT LOT of statement kan or status! right???right... dan sedang scrolling down ternampak satu ni yang memang lepas baca aku tekan LIKE la siap post kat wall statement tu lagi..hahahahhaha

cuba cari kat FB, mesti ada punya!
aku memang suka betul statement ni...
memang betul pon... kite tegur memang does not means nak tackle pon...
hailohhh! we can just be friends ok!
in facts, mmg tu pon yang i nak from u!
bukan nak tackle u pon...
aduuuaaiiii~ but then when u're ignoring me, what was that supposed to mean???
huh!! thinking that im some kind of a desperate women whose looking for love???
of course tak! ok! no! a big sign of NO!
ntah lah, it's either awak tu memang type yang perasan terlebey or im the one who made the mistake here~
come to think again, i think i am wrong...
wrong in judging you!
so, sorry sebab pernah kacak ketenteraman you!

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