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Tuesday, October 12


hey! something nice, cute, tragic, pretty, beautiful and magic to be share with! figure it out!

  • So what if I can't forget you? ♥
  • guys can go 5 years without seeing each other and reunite with a handshake and small talk...girls can't go 5 minutes without seeing each other and reunite with screaming, jumping around, and hugs... (how funny!!! hahahah... is it true?)
  • The only dreams that matter are the ones that you have when you're awake (so, dream IS fantasy!)
  • never wait around for a guy to change back into the guy you fell in love with, because ten to one, it'll never happen.. so it's just a waste of time.(so, i guess people do changed!)

most resemblance ME! -- There’s always......................
A little TRUTH behind, just kidding

A little EMOTION behind, I don’t care

A little PAIN behind, Its ok

A little I NEED YOU behind
leave me alone.

AND a lot of WORDS behind THE SILENCE

errrkkk~ stop here! sentap ttbe...uhukkks!

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