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Tuesday, December 22

me as for 2009.

interpretation by me. explain.
this is me for this whole year.
big changes is the most thing im proud of.. MAY ALLAH BLESS.
the second thing is about my self for this whole year. all the stories.
the third one should be never-come-true dream.
a dreamer like me always dreaming.
better luck next year n do more good changes..

Monday, December 21

happy birthday..


hurmm.. patutnyer tak payah buat benda nie.. tapi nak buat jugakk kann..
nak wish happy birthday to u.. my dearest sister..
i couldnt resists benda ni.. tak boleh cakap tak sbb it keep following me..
it's okay that i cant wish u phisically coz u dont even want to see my face pon kann..
dah benci sgt agaknyer.. sama macam tahun lepas.. i wish ur birthday but u never replied it.. dont even say thank you to me.. thats the only thing i ever waited for.. tak sangka kan..
how it ends tragically.. suddenly sumer benda pon salah.. sumer benda pon tak betul n i felt like it's some kind of burden for me.. to think back that i've done wrong(is it wrong) coz i dont feel like it..ein ucapkan selamat hari jadi untuk akak n hopefully u will gets what u ever wanted all this i wish to give u a big present but i never get the chance.. just wanted to let u know that i sayang u sis.. happy birthday.. Allah selamatkan kamu di mana pon akak ader skrang nie...
happy birthday to u.
happy birthday to u.
happy birthday dear sister.
happy birthday to u.

Monday, December 14

please.. u need to know! what goes around will come back around

salam and greetings to who-baer-to-read-this..

it wasnt supposed to be here. first thing i wanted to say.. it should be in my diary.. for some reasons and unprevented causes i have to jote it down here.

sape percaya karma? i do! sebab benda tu pernah jadi atas saya.. jadi=berlaku.. and for that i wated to write this.. something happened and it ring my head hat this wasnt supposed to happened but now it does! i've said it once to hapened like this.(some kind of prayer i guess) mendoakan sesuatu.. sebab terlampau marah dengan keadaan yang jadi masa tue. i was so angry and iaid it. tak sangka benda tu berlaku sekarang. Allah tu maha adil lagi maha mengetahui. Jahat ke saya mendoakannya and now it already happened? and benda tu tak menggembirakan saya tapi saya mendoakan for it to back as it own way before (which seems to be hard). i just wanted to ingatkan.. benda dah jadi and it getting tough! teliti and fahami apa yang tersirat n try to recover it! please.. karma is true.. takdir.. jagan mempertikaikannya tapi lebih kepada mencari hikmah di sebaliknya.. pasti ada sesuatu yang ingin di tunjukkan-Nya..


Thursday, December 10


salam and greetings to all..

alhamdulillah setelah penat mencuba untuk bukak nad alkhirnya.. i managed to open it! warghh!!! gabra mmg dah tahap gaban la kan.. takut, kecut perut, rasa nak nangis, gabra, nervous dan sume rase aku boleh rse dalam tekak ngan perut aku.. not just that everyhting seems to gone wrong.
tapi selepas bukak.. pheeewuuuhhh!! SYUKRAN. i did it again.. i still kept the anugerah dekan n my hand.. alhamdulillah... tapi yang sedeynye my GPA a bit down but then CGPA naik sikit. huhu.. at least the pointer is okay.. i got 3.67 for my GPA n 3.61 for my CGPA.. takut gabra sumer hilang lepas nampak sumer subject tulis LU kat sebalh hujung.. (means LULUS) last but not least im so happy that im not reapeting any papers.. tu yang paling menakutkan coz i expect to repeat the account paper for this sem and i did not!!!! THANK YOU ALLAH!

learn | learning | learner
blessful >>>> honeydew

Wednesday, December 9

my ballons ; holds memory

salam and greetings to all.

haa..! i been looking to my old stuff last night.. n urghhh!!!
i find a lot of things! my old diary especially..
n untuk mengurangkan bilangan patah perkataan, i tell a bit bout it..
3 buah buku for the past 3 years. it's my diary.. so many things i have wrote in it..
bout me, my frens, family (almost everything in happened i jote it down)
thinking back bout it, it does makde me smile (sometimes laugh!)
it's embaressing exactly. how i wrote bout this guy named ****** which i like the most when i was in form 3. i wore everything about him even our conversation on the phone that last for about 2 hours.
dont ask me how i remembered it. i just DID. urghhh!!! not to be forgotten our masseges also there. i guest i wrote it down so that i will never forgot.
plus. my frens. who's their crushes during our high school.. diana, athirah..
hahha.. how those things make me smile. i remembered also some bout my family. how are they 3 yaers ago. n i also jote down bout my happiness... i almost forgot that "farahin" back then more happy go lucky than now. i guest i just grow matured. (or is that just an excuses) im no longer happy. i miss that "farahin" who wrote things down(i MEAN it. it's everything)
maybe im just that kinda of person. i never let go the past. i kept my memories. i never wanted to forget them ever( forever!)
n how naive i am to even kept an air plane ticket to jakarta because i was so on with one of the steward in that plane. ouuwwhh!!! that is me! warghh!!!
im the type that love everything happened in my life. i never let it go but when im ready to let it go i think i will never think it twice! i will let it go. just like ballons. it hold air in it.. and the air is important to make it fly.. i guess i just need that air and i will never let my ballons off.

lots of love >>> honeydew

Wednesday, November 18

perspective from a sprctaclors

salam and greetings to all.. how many of us wears spectacles? do you? or you? maybe you.. what i like to share is something that i've been thinking for soo long... how am i gonna put this into words?? urmm how bout we start for the first time i wear this thing called spectacles? i noticed that one of my eye getting blurr.. so i decided to go and make myself a spectacles and for the first time i wear it and i felt:
+ my view for the world is changing(i mean it's getting narrower) u get it dont u?
+my face structure change

+my perception also change
it like the world getting smaller.

see the world from the view of a rectangle glass infront of my retina and sometimes it does annoyed me. dont u spectaclors think that so? compare it without spectacles u can see the world much wider. u called people with spectacles as nerd but i dont reaaly think it that way. not because im one of them. it's the truth..
there are many reasons why are they wear it, not just because they read book frequently. does it? plus for now there are so many of them who take this spectacles as an accessories. dont u think u guy are nerdy too? think of it. try wear it and u can see the different. tought of >>> honeydew LEARN| LEARNING| LEARNER|

Monday, November 16

semester break.

salam and greetings to all//
make it simple. now im having my break n i have something to be achieve.
something quite big and make something that is tribally hard to get..
wish me luck and..

halfway bloomed.
lots of tears>> honeydew.

Monday, November 9


thanx to qistina damia.. hahah.. dier approved babe!!! approoved!!! suke tahap gaban lah!!.
ader gamba.. puas ati ein dapat tgk citer yang paling latest pasal die..
at least dier tgh happy skrrang nie,. huhuh.. gamba dier grad..

n da latest thing dier dah beli selipar baru n pakai selendang.. giler tak boleh blahh.. pakai selendang.. hahahah.. before ni nak suruh pakai tudung warne lain pon susah lagi la pakai selendang.. memang dier takkan sentuh... neway.. u look cute but then jgnlah pakai lengan pendek kakak oiittt!!! tak manis lah.. from us to you.. we love u so muuuccchhhhh!!!! sayang akk sangat la..

lottsss looottsss of love >>> honeydew and apple!!

Friday, November 6

i suke u tapi...

salam and greetings to all who wanted to read this..

i suke sangat kat u since i nampak u kat dewan periksa. u datang lambat. i tak taw nape. then i just cakap " apela,, nak test tapi datang lambat pulak". but then i saw u talking to one of the lecturer. maybe apologizing for coming late then i stunt! i nampak u senyum. that smile kills me! and %$#@ i realise i was in love?? maybe?? tapi sayang i ni jenis yang tak berani nak approach sesaper pon..
because of our same paper so i taw u mesti budak course yang lebih kurang ngan i then i dapat taw.
u budak @#$ rupenyerr.. haaaa~~~ kiter lebih kurang lah.. happinyer i time tu Allah jer yang taw,
starting from that day i once again become a stalker... i was one when im in form 5. (im not a bad stalker okeyy!!) then slowly i know more about you. but then tere is one day someone told me that u already have someone and more she is ur classmate! warghhh!!! tensionnyer i masa tu Allah jugak yang taw.. i never cried but then it torn my heart apart! kelakarnyer i patah hati macamlah i penah luahkan aper i rasa kat u kan?? kan?? kan??? hahahah
so now i have to let u go.. i dah janji ngan diri i yang i tak boleh nak suke n stalk u anymore.. it's bad for me to do that. kan? therefor.. disebabkan i tak dapat nak bagitau u so i bagitau la kat sesaper pon yang baca niee...

<>kepada awak..

awak taw tak saya suke sangat kat aawak.. saya suke sangat tgk awak senyum and gelak especially mata awak.. masa awak seyum dengan mata awak sekali senyum taw.. lepas tu kan awak saya suke awak sebab awak belajar macam saya. awak buat nota jugak taw.. kelakarnyer... saya sukeerrr sangat kat awak..

<>kepada awak, if awak terbaca saya doakan awak bahagia sebab saya dah tak dapat nak sayang awak lagi..<>

lots of love>>> honeydew

Monday, November 2

left all alone

salam and greetings.. it's okay.. sometimes it just happen.. even you didnt realize that u hurt someone.. tears and smile ( ': sincerely by honeydew LEARN| LEARNING| LEARNER <33

Sunday, November 1

rempah pedas kehidupan..

Salam and greetings to all,,

to the person who's responsible for,,
to the person who should take responsible for,,
to the person who should be taken responsible of,,

i just learn something bout myself,, according to what THEY SAID;

you're perfectionist,,
is that really the truth??
it's not just the truth but it's reality,,
prove me,,
look at you're self,, been trying to get someone that can be considered as hard-to-get-if-it's-me,,
look at you're self,, been practicing something that extraordinary from others,,
look at you're self,, been complaining something that is unnecessary,,
look at you're self,, being too perfect..
i didn't realize any of that,,
it is you,, you can't be changed but others need to get adapted to the way u are,,
i can change,, for the sake of others,, maybe,, could be,, try to be,,
learn yourself~

thanks to all who is responsible of telling me,, thanks to all who is take responsibilities out of me,,
I'm learning myself

confess by HONEYDEW

Thursday, October 29

final exam starts!

to stress.. to blurr.. to books.. im going to be friends with u guys for within these 3 weeks..!! please help me and make sure everything is alright.. to ALLAH.. BLESS ME.. Semoga peperiksaan kali ini dapat saya jawab dengan tenang dah bersungguh2.. AMIN,,

Monday, October 26


Jika dia cintaimu,
melebihi cintaku padamu
Aku pasti rela, untuk melepasmu,
walau ku tau ku ‘kan terluka

Jikalah semua berbeda,
kau bukanlah orang yang ku puja
Tetapi hatiku, telah memilihmu,
walau kau tak mungkin tinggalkannya

Jadikan aku yang kedua
Buatlah diriku bahagia
Walaupun kau, tak ‘kan pernah
Kumiliki selamanya

Saturday, October 24

my heart speak~

it's just something that i need to confess..
my heart speak out loud..
confessing something that shouldnt be.
play as one of the cast in my life..
appeared! suddenly gone!!
wall of bricks. concrete never to be fall to pieces..
tears, shade, shame, fear, mixing equally..
something it have say.
my heart. sick but there's no prescription..
torn apart. never be relocate.

liitle big sister

hey sis..
it's been a while...
can't wait for ur up coming birthday..
u'll receive something from me..
but then i can't tell u what..
coz the thing is still in not in my mind...
u've been busy right..
final exam is coming..
hope u'll do it well just like before..
don,t be all stress out..
keep smiling and never forget to laugh..
it's the best medicine ever..
see ya..
:' )

Monday, October 12

aidilfitri nak habis

sebelum aidilfitri menghilangkan diri dan di ganti dengan bulan islam yang lain, ein hope masih sempat nak bercerita pasal raya la kannn..

haiyyoooooouuu!!!!! semalam kitorang pegi raya(which is actually bukan semalm la coz dah lepas seminggu pon.. heheh).. havoc habisss!!!6 keeta tu tak masuk lagi berapa buah motor(5 jer pon..saje nak bagi up sikit)huhu.. kitorang serbu tiga buah rumah coursemate kitorang..rumah pertama yang diserbu rumah ain then wali pastu ita.. sumer coursemate ein n the first 2 is my classmate.. cian ain yhang tak sempat nak prepare makan sebab dier ingat just few of us yang datang sekali tengok...hah!!!berkoyan...dah lah time tu hujan lebat!!masing2 kelaparan kan.. mak ain prepare mee rebus untuk kitorang.. first classs!!! sedap giler... i likkeee~~~ hehehe..

Meneruskan perjalanan ke kampung kandang (rumah wali) dan still hujan rintik-rintik..berlumaba ngan ain.. ain bawa kereta macam pelesit.. suke2 dier jer nak masuk kiri n kanan.. hahahha.. ein sebagai driver yang berwawasan (ye kerr??) follow jer lahhhh!!! hahahah.. semalam bawa kereta memang macam dodolll (hahahah) sampai rumah walli makan makanan raya; lontong, nasi impit, lengkap ngan sambal ngan kuah kacang.. n for second time FIRST CLASS!!!! sedap... n not to be forgotten ein amik gamba bersama canonku yang tersayang.. wwuahhhahahahahaha.

Ein meneruskan lagi perjalanan ke rumah ita.. nie yang best!!! kitorang makan pizza taw!! bukan sebarang pizza.. nie pizza buiatan sendiri oleh ahli keluarga ita sendiri. MARVELOUS!!! seafood pizza.. macam2 ada.. SEDAP HINGGA MENJILAT IBU JARI JERRR~~~ pastu kitorang amik gamba beramai2 di luar rumah ita dan seperti biasa saya adalah juru kamera..

Then kitorang pegi tesco coz azwa nak cari laptop n dier telah mengeluarkan sebanyak rm2000++ untuk sebuah laptop yang agak latest jugak(cantik giler design dier)..

Malam tu rush balik coz tuan punya kereta a.k.a kak suk tak berapa sihat n dier nak guna kereta.. Time tu ein dah start pecut.. nasib baik sampai dengan selamat takut gak if tak dapat nak hantar kak suk pegi klinik kitorang pulak yang pegi hospital terus.. huhuh.. NAUZUBILLAH~ selisih jerr.

Monday, October 5

to you

i meet you..
yesterday.. when we're taking our exams..
you were late and sit at the center totally straight in front of me even in a distance..
i stare to you and i love ur eyes..
i meet you..
yesterday.. you were on your way to the class..
you were smiling while chitchatting wif ur other frens..
i totally stunt..
i meet you..
yesterday.. you were laughing and never to be forgotten u sitting just a few foot in front of me..
i totally fall for you..
i meet you..
today, walking by the lake with some girl.. with all those smile and laugh that i loved..
i can only shed tears to be ur secret admirer..

lots of love ; me to you.

Friday, October 2

a week we had

i just learn something about myself.. i do realise it before but today it just like stuck in my head and make me thhink. i have done some quiz in my mate's magz. "Get a bloke, dump your mates" frankly speaking it not about the title that make me think of. it about the resault i found out later on. it says that im kinda soft lass person. kind-hearted and know how to take care of my other friends feeling and try to make things right!! (is it really true that im like that??? can't really believe it) move on.. it also said that im toooooooo depending to other's judgement (means that i need others consideration in making decision) i guess that one is true.. i can't make my own decisions. i need other's. i need to learn to make my own. becouse im the only one know what the best for me.. and feel guilt for myself because it also said that i always hurt my own feeling and even worse i don't even realise it. how bad that was??? think of it back carefully... i think that is true.. i always hurt myself for taking a good care of other's feeeling.. how am i going to avoid it??? that is me.. i remembered there was one time(but this time i know my feeling was hurt) i really took care of someone's feeling... i just loved that person sooo much... kept thinking of that person made ma happy and smile countinuously... but that person liked to stab my feeling deeply.. i dunno whether that person realise it or not but i does make me cry sometimes.. ( without that person's know bout it of course).. it just happened.. i think because i loved u soo muchh.. until now, that person still in my heart eventho we can be define as enemies(to that person and not me) now.. what can i say.. thank you to you for ur time spending with me.. it's been a pleasure knowing someone like you even for a short time..
~terima kasih~



~xie xie nin~
lots of love to you...

Wednesday, September 30

can't wait!!! new thing!!

warghhh!!!! bahagia yang teramat apabila memiliki sesuatu yana memang dah lama di idam-idamkan... fuyoo fuuyyoohhh!!! dapat camera beb!! DSLR tu.. canon 1000D.. even tak berapa pandai lagi nak guna but still it is the best thing i ever had!! thanx to my beloved bapak la kerana telah berjaya menunaikan impian salah seorang anak yang memang kaki demand kat dierkan... happy belated birthday to me and i love my present a.k.a my canon 1000D... lepas ni puas la aku bergambar.. hhhoooorayyyy!!!!!

within these few weeks coming.. kelab course kitorang (consider course la kan sebab tak taw nama lain dier ape) D'AIS akan menganjurkan sebuah makan malam yang bertemakan hari raya.. can't wait coz this time it's a combionation with other course but same fack a.k.a gabung ngan budak MEDIA la... giler tak sabar sebab nanti nak tgk jumper tapi dier mesti pakai sedondon ngan awek dier tu.. anyway.. yang paling best adalah bergambar!!! CAN"T WAIT!!! nanti ein letak gamba dinner kat sini.. insyaallah if pegi lah.. (gamba next post -_-)

Sunday, September 27

selamat hari raya's been a week we're having our raya..have fun tak???ein???actually tak berapa nak have fun la but at least there a some memories that are just not to be forgotten..well ya!!everybody pon ade memori sendiri kan???just like everybody else..ein punya raya pon ader peristiwa minta maaf n not to be forgotten dapat ang pau.. but the best is ein raya ngan camera baru.. fuyoo fuyooo!!hahah..giler bangga diri kan??agaklah..huh???berlagak???kenalah babe..bukan selalu impian tercapai dan cita-cita tertunai. ahaks!!tak boleh blahh!!!macam nak bagi penampar kan??? tapi tak boleh..tak baek pukul anak dara orang...hahaha..anyway raya tetap a bit best!! for those yang tak meraikan raya dengan keseronokan tahap melampau anda mengalami kerugian..hahahah.. sempena kite masih kat dalam bulan yang memang mulia ni ein nak mintak maaf kat semua orang yang ein kenal n kat sesape yang kenal secara langsung dan tidak langsung. mintak maaf dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki. wasalam..

Saturday, September 26

even he is sweating i just love how he sing this song..

full of emotions..(even i dont really know what exactly he is saying, i just know the part when he say arigato which means thank you)

n plus he still loke handsome ...

i just love ARASHI!!

Tuesday, August 18


it have been about 3 weeks from it??? not really sure.. straight to the point.. i miss someone.. keep thinking of the person until now.. when will the person come to my life??? when will the person notice the existing of me in this world. im not trying to against the faith... it's just something that i need to shout out loud without anyone heard bout it.. samo say sorry it's the hardest word to spill.. but for me??? im begging for their forgiveness.. pleasssee... forgive me... im not meant any harm.. im no phycic. im no future teller.. im no any weirdo bomoh who can read or tell bout something.. im just a human being who is imperfect.. lot and lots of mistakes... a lot???? yeahhh~~ that it!! let bygone be bygeno??? how??? feels like swearing.. get lost all the memories.. huh!!!

Thursday, June 18

if i were a magician or an inventor

if i were a magician.what kind of magic that i wanna do.simplevanish all the people that i!!sorry to say but there's some people that just toooooooo annoying in my life.wish to see them away off this bad am i?very bad...its not that i hate them..but the truth is what??i do hate them so much..they created soooo manyyy worst cases in my life..suckkksss!!!no worries..just a few words from my truly truthful of what they called it?heart?jantung..wek~~
some more..
if i were an inventor.what kind of gadget that i'll invent?of course a time machine..i bet everyone wants it.why?tere a soooo many go to a time that basically a sweettest time i right?of course i am.whhen is it the time i wat to come back to or go to?the truth is i dont want to go to the future..frankly i just want to go back the time that already past me..a few days for a short semester break..a day where our level having a dinner.a great night..and also i want to go back for about 5 or 6 years ago..and i wish that i can invent something that can make our brain to be matured before it reach it's i wish..there is another time i wish that i can come back to...a night of discussion..oh goddd..why is it only words and time that cannot be spin around?must be something..
before do it think it..before hate it try to live it..if it's already happened just try to make it back..

Tuesday, June 16

he mele lilo me

some idea of life

kadang-kadang hidup ni lucu
kadang-kadang hidup ni sedih
tapi kenapa dalam hidup jadi sesuatu yang menyakitkan hati?
kita selalu nak bahagia
kita selalu tak nak air mata
tapi pernah tak dengar setiap apa yang jadi mesti ada hikmah tersembunyi?
hidup ibarat roda
selalu dengarkan?betul ke?
benar!tak pernah jadi?
tunggu dan perhati masa
kita tak pernah lupa hari jadi orang tersayang
kita tak pernah lupa hari istimewa dalam hidup kita
kita tak pernah lupa hal dunia
tapi kita selalu lupa pada-Nya
leka dan lupa
macam mana pulak dengan keputusan?
pernah rasa salah buat keputusan?
sampai rasa nak patah balik semula pada masa keputusan itu dibuat?
macam tu semua benda salah.
bimbingan dan pandangan orang tersayang
insyallah boleh membantu
jangan abaikan hidup
jangan lupakan Dia