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Monday, January 16

in other word, loyal.

bila dah addicted ni la yang jadi.
keep on repeating the same thing
and search for the same thing all over again.
u may find it freaky tapi from my pespective,
i consider it as being loyal.
bila saya suka, then saya memang suka.
it may sound scary which basically memang ya pun.
no worries, im the kind yang masih tahu my line.

by the way, which one is your eyes? it may differ a bit from yours but when kalau tengok betul2 the characteristics is there, (O__o)

Tuesday, January 10


short post regarding current situation of me.

curently - at Melaka
currently - fighting for my first final exam for my degree
currently - in lots of stress

ok. lets begin.
at melaka. well, dah almost 6 months kat sini. bandar melaka jadi rumah ketiga selepas my first and second home back at subang and sepang.

fighting for my first final exam for my degree. just realize yang this is my first semester which our final paper only consist of 5 subjects. yup! previously kitorang punya paper minimum pun 6 papers yang maximum will be 7 papers but bila fikir balik, this semester is the most toughest semester i've ever faced! sungguhla pun... basically we have 2 paper yang ada calculation but unfortunately, my first paper yang ader calculation hari tu (hari ahad lepas) has only minor calculation. OK! repeat. very minor calculation. tu pun yang setakat tambah tolak. sadis! punyaa bertungkus-lumus belajar all the derivation and all the differetiation tapi yang masuk all the basic things. and to make it worst, yang basic tu tak berapa nak cover since sibuk buat yang susah so there you go... rase-rasenyer ape jadi??? harapan........................ku punah weyh~!
5-2 = 3 paper yang memang kena BACA sahaja! yup! all theory papers. yang meang kena baca, baca, baca dan HAFAL. well, tomorrow ada paper. LAW! yup! business law! all types of contract. from private to public and all sorts of cases and articles and section and yada.. yadaaa... yaddaaa... yup! i know. bosan weyh! tonight kena struggle giler to hafal sumer benda.

ok. last one. stress level pada takat yang paling tinggi. caffeine dalam badan tak tahu on what level. nescafe dah macam air mineral yang masuk dalam badan tapi tidur tetap tidur. waduh~! doakan saya, 3.5 above. amin~~~

did i said that this going to be a short post? er.. terover plak. anyway, gud luck to all my course-mate for this semester. even a little lambat wish tapi saya doakan kita semua berjaya! yeay! to my house-mate yang amik course finance tu, gud luck to all of you juga. family outing pun family outing,. dan buku tetap buku kan. you girls rock! :D