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Thursday, June 18

if i were a magician or an inventor

if i were a magician.what kind of magic that i wanna do.simplevanish all the people that i!!sorry to say but there's some people that just toooooooo annoying in my life.wish to see them away off this bad am i?very bad...its not that i hate them..but the truth is what??i do hate them so much..they created soooo manyyy worst cases in my life..suckkksss!!!no worries..just a few words from my truly truthful of what they called it?heart?jantung..wek~~
some more..
if i were an inventor.what kind of gadget that i'll invent?of course a time machine..i bet everyone wants it.why?tere a soooo many go to a time that basically a sweettest time i right?of course i am.whhen is it the time i wat to come back to or go to?the truth is i dont want to go to the future..frankly i just want to go back the time that already past me..a few days for a short semester break..a day where our level having a dinner.a great night..and also i want to go back for about 5 or 6 years ago..and i wish that i can invent something that can make our brain to be matured before it reach it's i wish..there is another time i wish that i can come back to...a night of discussion..oh goddd..why is it only words and time that cannot be spin around?must be something..
before do it think it..before hate it try to live it..if it's already happened just try to make it back..

Tuesday, June 16

he mele lilo me

some idea of life

kadang-kadang hidup ni lucu
kadang-kadang hidup ni sedih
tapi kenapa dalam hidup jadi sesuatu yang menyakitkan hati?
kita selalu nak bahagia
kita selalu tak nak air mata
tapi pernah tak dengar setiap apa yang jadi mesti ada hikmah tersembunyi?
hidup ibarat roda
selalu dengarkan?betul ke?
benar!tak pernah jadi?
tunggu dan perhati masa
kita tak pernah lupa hari jadi orang tersayang
kita tak pernah lupa hari istimewa dalam hidup kita
kita tak pernah lupa hal dunia
tapi kita selalu lupa pada-Nya
leka dan lupa
macam mana pulak dengan keputusan?
pernah rasa salah buat keputusan?
sampai rasa nak patah balik semula pada masa keputusan itu dibuat?
macam tu semua benda salah.
bimbingan dan pandangan orang tersayang
insyallah boleh membantu
jangan abaikan hidup
jangan lupakan Dia