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Wednesday, November 18

perspective from a sprctaclors

salam and greetings to all.. how many of us wears spectacles? do you? or you? maybe you.. what i like to share is something that i've been thinking for soo long... how am i gonna put this into words?? urmm how bout we start for the first time i wear this thing called spectacles? i noticed that one of my eye getting blurr.. so i decided to go and make myself a spectacles and for the first time i wear it and i felt:
+ my view for the world is changing(i mean it's getting narrower) u get it dont u?
+my face structure change

+my perception also change
it like the world getting smaller.

see the world from the view of a rectangle glass infront of my retina and sometimes it does annoyed me. dont u spectaclors think that so? compare it without spectacles u can see the world much wider. u called people with spectacles as nerd but i dont reaaly think it that way. not because im one of them. it's the truth..
there are many reasons why are they wear it, not just because they read book frequently. does it? plus for now there are so many of them who take this spectacles as an accessories. dont u think u guy are nerdy too? think of it. try wear it and u can see the different. tought of >>> honeydew LEARN| LEARNING| LEARNER|

Monday, November 16

semester break.

salam and greetings to all//
make it simple. now im having my break n i have something to be achieve.
something quite big and make something that is tribally hard to get..
wish me luck and..

halfway bloomed.
lots of tears>> honeydew.

Monday, November 9


thanx to qistina damia.. hahah.. dier approved babe!!! approoved!!! suke tahap gaban lah!!.
ader gamba.. puas ati ein dapat tgk citer yang paling latest pasal die..
at least dier tgh happy skrrang nie,. huhuh.. gamba dier grad..

n da latest thing dier dah beli selipar baru n pakai selendang.. giler tak boleh blahh.. pakai selendang.. hahahah.. before ni nak suruh pakai tudung warne lain pon susah lagi la pakai selendang.. memang dier takkan sentuh... neway.. u look cute but then jgnlah pakai lengan pendek kakak oiittt!!! tak manis lah.. from us to you.. we love u so muuuccchhhhh!!!! sayang akk sangat la..

lottsss looottsss of love >>> honeydew and apple!!

Friday, November 6

i suke u tapi...

salam and greetings to all who wanted to read this..

i suke sangat kat u since i nampak u kat dewan periksa. u datang lambat. i tak taw nape. then i just cakap " apela,, nak test tapi datang lambat pulak". but then i saw u talking to one of the lecturer. maybe apologizing for coming late then i stunt! i nampak u senyum. that smile kills me! and %$#@ i realise i was in love?? maybe?? tapi sayang i ni jenis yang tak berani nak approach sesaper pon..
because of our same paper so i taw u mesti budak course yang lebih kurang ngan i then i dapat taw.
u budak @#$ rupenyerr.. haaaa~~~ kiter lebih kurang lah.. happinyer i time tu Allah jer yang taw,
starting from that day i once again become a stalker... i was one when im in form 5. (im not a bad stalker okeyy!!) then slowly i know more about you. but then tere is one day someone told me that u already have someone and more she is ur classmate! warghhh!!! tensionnyer i masa tu Allah jugak yang taw.. i never cried but then it torn my heart apart! kelakarnyer i patah hati macamlah i penah luahkan aper i rasa kat u kan?? kan?? kan??? hahahah
so now i have to let u go.. i dah janji ngan diri i yang i tak boleh nak suke n stalk u anymore.. it's bad for me to do that. kan? therefor.. disebabkan i tak dapat nak bagitau u so i bagitau la kat sesaper pon yang baca niee...

<>kepada awak..

awak taw tak saya suke sangat kat aawak.. saya suke sangat tgk awak senyum and gelak especially mata awak.. masa awak seyum dengan mata awak sekali senyum taw.. lepas tu kan awak saya suke awak sebab awak belajar macam saya. awak buat nota jugak taw.. kelakarnyer... saya sukeerrr sangat kat awak..

<>kepada awak, if awak terbaca saya doakan awak bahagia sebab saya dah tak dapat nak sayang awak lagi..<>

lots of love>>> honeydew

Monday, November 2

left all alone

salam and greetings.. it's okay.. sometimes it just happen.. even you didnt realize that u hurt someone.. tears and smile ( ': sincerely by honeydew LEARN| LEARNING| LEARNER <33

Sunday, November 1

rempah pedas kehidupan..

Salam and greetings to all,,

to the person who's responsible for,,
to the person who should take responsible for,,
to the person who should be taken responsible of,,

i just learn something bout myself,, according to what THEY SAID;

you're perfectionist,,
is that really the truth??
it's not just the truth but it's reality,,
prove me,,
look at you're self,, been trying to get someone that can be considered as hard-to-get-if-it's-me,,
look at you're self,, been practicing something that extraordinary from others,,
look at you're self,, been complaining something that is unnecessary,,
look at you're self,, being too perfect..
i didn't realize any of that,,
it is you,, you can't be changed but others need to get adapted to the way u are,,
i can change,, for the sake of others,, maybe,, could be,, try to be,,
learn yourself~

thanks to all who is responsible of telling me,, thanks to all who is take responsibilities out of me,,
I'm learning myself

confess by HONEYDEW