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Tuesday, December 22

me as for 2009.

interpretation by me. explain.
this is me for this whole year.
big changes is the most thing im proud of.. MAY ALLAH BLESS.
the second thing is about my self for this whole year. all the stories.
the third one should be never-come-true dream.
a dreamer like me always dreaming.
better luck next year n do more good changes..

Monday, December 21

happy birthday..


hurmm.. patutnyer tak payah buat benda nie.. tapi nak buat jugakk kann..
nak wish happy birthday to u.. my dearest sister..
i couldnt resists benda ni.. tak boleh cakap tak sbb it keep following me..
it's okay that i cant wish u phisically coz u dont even want to see my face pon kann..
dah benci sgt agaknyer.. sama macam tahun lepas.. i wish ur birthday but u never replied it.. dont even say thank you to me.. thats the only thing i ever waited for.. tak sangka kan..
how it ends tragically.. suddenly sumer benda pon salah.. sumer benda pon tak betul n i felt like it's some kind of burden for me.. to think back that i've done wrong(is it wrong) coz i dont feel like it..ein ucapkan selamat hari jadi untuk akak n hopefully u will gets what u ever wanted all this i wish to give u a big present but i never get the chance.. just wanted to let u know that i sayang u sis.. happy birthday.. Allah selamatkan kamu di mana pon akak ader skrang nie...
happy birthday to u.
happy birthday to u.
happy birthday dear sister.
happy birthday to u.

Monday, December 14

please.. u need to know! what goes around will come back around

salam and greetings to who-baer-to-read-this..

it wasnt supposed to be here. first thing i wanted to say.. it should be in my diary.. for some reasons and unprevented causes i have to jote it down here.

sape percaya karma? i do! sebab benda tu pernah jadi atas saya.. jadi=berlaku.. and for that i wated to write this.. something happened and it ring my head hat this wasnt supposed to happened but now it does! i've said it once to hapened like this.(some kind of prayer i guess) mendoakan sesuatu.. sebab terlampau marah dengan keadaan yang jadi masa tue. i was so angry and iaid it. tak sangka benda tu berlaku sekarang. Allah tu maha adil lagi maha mengetahui. Jahat ke saya mendoakannya and now it already happened? and benda tu tak menggembirakan saya tapi saya mendoakan for it to back as it own way before (which seems to be hard). i just wanted to ingatkan.. benda dah jadi and it getting tough! teliti and fahami apa yang tersirat n try to recover it! please.. karma is true.. takdir.. jagan mempertikaikannya tapi lebih kepada mencari hikmah di sebaliknya.. pasti ada sesuatu yang ingin di tunjukkan-Nya..


Thursday, December 10


salam and greetings to all..

alhamdulillah setelah penat mencuba untuk bukak nad alkhirnya.. i managed to open it! warghh!!! gabra mmg dah tahap gaban la kan.. takut, kecut perut, rasa nak nangis, gabra, nervous dan sume rase aku boleh rse dalam tekak ngan perut aku.. not just that everyhting seems to gone wrong.
tapi selepas bukak.. pheeewuuuhhh!! SYUKRAN. i did it again.. i still kept the anugerah dekan n my hand.. alhamdulillah... tapi yang sedeynye my GPA a bit down but then CGPA naik sikit. huhu.. at least the pointer is okay.. i got 3.67 for my GPA n 3.61 for my CGPA.. takut gabra sumer hilang lepas nampak sumer subject tulis LU kat sebalh hujung.. (means LULUS) last but not least im so happy that im not reapeting any papers.. tu yang paling menakutkan coz i expect to repeat the account paper for this sem and i did not!!!! THANK YOU ALLAH!

learn | learning | learner
blessful >>>> honeydew

Wednesday, December 9

my ballons ; holds memory

salam and greetings to all.

haa..! i been looking to my old stuff last night.. n urghhh!!!
i find a lot of things! my old diary especially..
n untuk mengurangkan bilangan patah perkataan, i tell a bit bout it..
3 buah buku for the past 3 years. it's my diary.. so many things i have wrote in it..
bout me, my frens, family (almost everything in happened i jote it down)
thinking back bout it, it does makde me smile (sometimes laugh!)
it's embaressing exactly. how i wrote bout this guy named ****** which i like the most when i was in form 3. i wore everything about him even our conversation on the phone that last for about 2 hours.
dont ask me how i remembered it. i just DID. urghhh!!! not to be forgotten our masseges also there. i guest i wrote it down so that i will never forgot.
plus. my frens. who's their crushes during our high school.. diana, athirah..
hahha.. how those things make me smile. i remembered also some bout my family. how are they 3 yaers ago. n i also jote down bout my happiness... i almost forgot that "farahin" back then more happy go lucky than now. i guest i just grow matured. (or is that just an excuses) im no longer happy. i miss that "farahin" who wrote things down(i MEAN it. it's everything)
maybe im just that kinda of person. i never let go the past. i kept my memories. i never wanted to forget them ever( forever!)
n how naive i am to even kept an air plane ticket to jakarta because i was so on with one of the steward in that plane. ouuwwhh!!! that is me! warghh!!!
im the type that love everything happened in my life. i never let it go but when im ready to let it go i think i will never think it twice! i will let it go. just like ballons. it hold air in it.. and the air is important to make it fly.. i guess i just need that air and i will never let my ballons off.

lots of love >>> honeydew