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Tuesday, October 26

the war start : today!

yeayyy! u ask for it.. (eh.. ader ker dier mintak??? macam takder jerr??)
well, dont care... as for me! the war start today!
im in the middle of fighting with my own-self okeyh!
building me ego back and make sure guard it with the best firewall ever!
just like before! hah! who cares! aku tak menyusahkan orang lain ( just for those yang terpaksa dengar aku membebel for all the bad consequences of this war je la keyh,, sorry! ;) )
for real! reality suits me best, fantasy just a drug which drag me to a world of hallucination! fullstop!
the first step has began! early morning routine should be stop!
second step should be prepared! control myself! i supposed!
future step! should be taken more seriously!
if u the one who's begin with it, then there's no problem with it!

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