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Tuesday, October 5

my love list!

hahahahha... episode cintan lagi... :)

today im going to make a list of things that will make me fall for u love! :)
  • i never look straight to guy's eyes unless im really confident that im not going to fall for u.. coz im the type who fall for love at first sight! 'dari mata turun ke hati' and i really love!love and love! such a beautiful eyes.... sbb tu tak nak main sembarang pandang! coz when i fall love it's either i can never look at ur eyes or i can look back at you with full feeling! :)
  • when u are my love i think u'll be the luckiest or the unluckiest person in the whole wide world - ask me why if u think u qualified to be one :)
  • i like to give my love a gift - especially handmade one! i try to make it as special as it can be! :)
  • im kinda sassy and a bit blurr and a bit naive sometimes but im sure do to make u laugh and never forget to smile for you! :)
  • i love a person who can make me fall for you everyday~ :)
  • sometimes it's good to be bad ;)


  1. nk free publisiti lg x?? hhehehe

  2. bole la..bole la..bole la.. hahaha

  3. buat la.. but dont ever mention any names~ -_-"