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Saturday, March 26

check list

saya dapat taw dah, saya dapat taw dah, heheheh...
it;s okay.. no hard feeling pon... sebab dah lama agak benda tu pon... so just be happy untuk awak...
taw x...ade benda that i think i wanna do for u before i leave here... (dengan harapan yg tinggi yg kita takkan jumpa lagi sebab kalau jumpa comfirm memang malu tahap paling tinggi sekali,,)

p/s : it only happen here! a list! will be made just for you,

Monday, March 14

dekat tapi jauh.

sebelah je pon.
tapi still tak nampak.

selang dua kerusi je pon.
masih lagi tak nampak.

dah berselisih dah pon
pon masih lagi tak perasan.

awak memang sentiasa dekat.
tapi kita sentiasa lagi jauh.

Friday, March 4


"weyh! ape kau nak amik ni?"
"3 years of account, satisfied enough??"
"i just cant see my future just yet,"

back to 3 years ago...............................

"weyhhh! hari ni final exam untuk SPM, agak-agak korang kita semua nanti tercampak masuk ipta ke ipts???"
"entah apa la career kita in future kan,"

back to present~

browsing through FB... looking and observing,
one, doing culinary at penang.
the other one, doing accountancy at segamat.
the other two, doing the same thing at melaka.

more on browsing,
"hayyy! dia amik something to do with engineer,"
"ingat budak nakal kat sekolah??? now amik something to do with air plane"
"ingat that Chinese girl yg ada buat buku muzik tu?? dier skrang dah jadi singer"
"ingat that popular girls group at school??? diorang now major in something they really love! and moving towards success!"
-- everyone have their own path already, moving one step forward in pursuing their dream, and everyone seems to be good at it...

but me? still floating around, no floor to step on, no path to walk on, no dream can be catch on~
fulfill form not for my own dream, fulfill it for the current market sake.
choosing one from all those to get the best in future.
a guaranteed future.
my life, my path.
my major, but not my dream.
becoming me in someone else.
trying hard to blend in and trying hard to get out. but always sucked in back.
yes always be a yes, but no sometimes it just turn to YES~
which one? which first?
what's gonna come?