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Wednesday, September 29

teasing you~

a short note, to whom it may concern okeyh~

well , been few days since i usha-usha ur blog okeyh... actually bukan la few days.. dah lama plak follow u.. coz ur unique in ur own way! (hopefully tak kantoi) ayat2 bahaya nie.

~~Puisi macam cermin. ianya terbina bukan untuk mereflek dirinya. Tapi , siapa yg mahu melihat...apa yg mahu dilihat. Itu sahaja. ~~
it's fun to tease u around, and funnier when u gve some respond to it.. like it.. ALOT! hahaha.. no hard feeling and no heart feeling keyh....
frankly speaking, i like the way u jot down everything~ it's rare! truly.
dont get me wrong..and please stay as a fren with me :)


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