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Sunday, September 19

inspired ♥

this is an inspiration after reading one of the blog i followed~
title given is ' i like it when'
and mine: i fall over again when!

1) we've been friends and u always with me
2) u there when i need u
3) never judge my look
(especially my physical look)
4) u text me for every tiniest things ever
(just to wish me morning and have a good nyte sleep)
5) u tell me first for every important things in ur life
(even u're cat died)
6) u make me like of things that u like
7) u never ignored me
(never means ever)
8) make me fall for you every single seconds!
9) make me talk to u
10) never give up!

and most important thing: never feel bored to say
'i miss and love u ever' ♥ ♥

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