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Thursday, September 16


seriusly... im in wondering feeling ryte now... why is it u dont even reply my messages(eventho i only sent u 2 messages) well.. can u please tell me why didnt u reply even with only one sms... u know.. it'll make me happy.. a lot! i dont know why but that is what i feel towards u.. weird??? im shoked too... please.. just reply the sms eventho it's late... coz i'll be waiting ever.. :) at least just reply with 1 sms.. still... im waiting~~~

(hope u'll read this)


  1. aku jumpa blog kau. terer tak aku? HAHAHA

  2. sheera: congrattssss!!! tahniahhhh!!! disebabkan anda berjaya anda akan mendapat hadiah iaitu satu entri di page saya khas untuk anda! hahahahahahahah