Thursday, September 30

opportunity of a lifetime vs. best friend ever!

in dilemma : vs!
help! seriously in dilemma
teater musikal Dr. mahathir vs. celebrate birthday my best friend ever! aduhhh! camner nie??
things comes ade pros and cons dier kan...

if i choose teater
  • aku memag tak pernah tengok teater in my wholelife and this is my opportunity la kan utk tengok sesuatu yang berprestij cenggitu
  • but then, i DONT KNOW WAY TO GO TO ISTANA BUDAYA. hailohhh!
  • proper outfit utk pegi, sbb kena pegi mmg kena pakai formal la kan :) (jeans and casual cloths not allowed or u'll be kicked!)
if i choose my BFF
  • kunun2 nak buat surprise party(takderla sampai party just something surprising jer) utk dier
  • even tak dapat bawakan sepet but still, she need a smile :) kan D kan...
  • even tak ada hadiah i think the thoughts that count kan!
adehh~ tulun2, terkapai2 nak buat keputusan nih! X)
im dead!


  1. teater!! tp rsenye bfde besfren lg pnting.. bfde diana ey??