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Monday, September 27

it's fun to be romantic!

(tengah tersengih-sengih masa tulis this entry)

OH! memang pon tengah tersengih lagi... hehehh.. enty ni khas ditujukan buat mereka2 yang tengah panas2 bercinta yer, especially yg dah berumah tangga (wahh! dah macam pakar motivasi la plak...) :) sbenarnya, just nak share jer... disebabkan saya masih pegang status single-mingle-no-trouble jadi kunun2 nak share la few tips nie ngan mereka2 yang rasa sudi2 nak baca benda ni... benda ni sbenanrnya things that i will do to my spouse (terus spouse taw bukan bf lagi...) ekekeke.. if i ada satu k... but now i dont have one so, here u go... here's some tips on being a romantic mate! :)

  • it's not a crime to say 'i love u' to ur spouse like zillion times a day! yeayyy! - well, some of us like this type of lovey-dovey words jugak kan :)
  • be CREATIVE! dont be soooo like a typical mate ever! i mean it! there's a thousand way to say it kan? kan? kan? - coz sometmes when the magic words are frequently said then the magic sparks just fly away! then say it in other way!
  • be a STUDENT! why? hailohhh~ means, u learn! today everything is just at ur finger tip! so connect ur internet and there's a lot to be learn!
  • dont hesitate to remember the most even tiniest things bout ur mate! they will be ur token of appreciation! u'll be appreciated even more! trust me!
  • make ur mate smile and an extra credit for u if u always keep that smiling face of ur mate's!
  • everythig u do which can be categorised as a routine will causes effect to ur mate ( i heard it somewhere that- apa sahaj yang anda terbiasa buat everyday, or every minute, even seconds akan memberi or meninggalkan kesan terhadap ur mate and if awak tak buat and dia akan tertanya-tanya) wll, a great way to see ur lover's love towards u i guess is by doing something as ur routine and suddenly miss it a couples of times.. im sure ur mate will be wonder?! ;)
  • be with ur mate through everything! EVERYTHING! like u going through ur days! eventho it's raining! it's snowing ( if ur place have one :) ) it's a brightest day of ur last or even ur day was like hit by the katrina( the storm of course and dont even think of other girl - if u a guy) u still hang in there if ur day was not ur favorite right? so, be like that! be with ur spouse! u'll be smiling on the later prise u gonna get!
  • give ur lover what they like.. flowers, MU shirts, bears, sport stuff, anything which u can afford to buy it ( dont think on buying things that u cant afford okay!)
  • be special... more special... extra special!
  • most important! dont ever forget to love ur lover!
then, there it is! things i will do to mu future-mate merangkap my hubby! hahahahah... berangan sudah!
to my future-mate.. please be here! im waiting.. ekekekek :)

(*wink wink*)


  1. btl ke single mingle no trouble?

  2. part mane yg ditanye betul ot tak tu?
    part single-mingle or part jadi single-no trouble? heheheh... depends on individual la dear~ for me no trouble of bieng single tapi be a single person make u feel all alone... but then, u still hve ur frens tho~