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Wednesday, May 18

i love tv series~

here are some of tv series that i really enjoy watching them.. hey! it's some sort of informal learning technique. dont underestimate the power of tv series.. they're highly packed with good informations too.. (tv is not that bad, just dont get carried away,) :D if its not for then its for me,
PSYCH : fake psychic, real detective.. hey! they are good.. watch your surrounding to get to know better of the situation... try watch it once, u'll get surprise, :)

LEVERAGE : a good con series, sometimes bad people can be good people too, :) and i love Parker in this series.. full of mysterious and i love how she been playing with Hardison...
CSI, CSI : Miami, CSI : New York ; both 3 series in three diff country, they're good... solving crime..
HAWAII FIVE-0 ; All happened at one place which is hawaii, well... diorang ni lebih kurang macam inspectors cum detective (kind of la) they fight crime too but they dont investigate crime scene for sure, ;) (and the hero is quite handsome too!) hahahaha
LIE TO ME: recommended by my lecturer.. they kind of teach you how to find either that person is lying to you or not..
MASTERCHEF Jr.:Australia - i've been learning how to cook from this series... they cook, they bake and they got to do like the professional chef's do... it good!
and below is CHEF AT HOME.. i love to watch how he cooks thing.. i love his house too...nice one :)
i guess i love tv so much, dont i? :D

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