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Friday, May 6

AUD 370

this is what scares me the most, since it's my last semester doing my diploma and here some notes from my lecturer, specifically AUD 370 lecturer, Puan Masita.

from madam Masita Hassan

"to my dearie PART6 DAIS.. i already uploaded AUD370 marks, a bit disappoint with ur performance.. for those who left blank spaces in ur final and jawap x kena gaya tu, just be prepare to sit for SUPP PAPER in two or three weeks time OR repeat AUD370. Wan Mohd Ghazali Pilo and WaLi PeeYee awat la soalan 1 tu ko jawap salah!! ."ya ALLAH.....sessungguhnya ENGKAU MAHA MENGETAHU apa peasaan hamba mu ini......"."

"baru key in data AIS310, lega rasanya,,, but there is AUD370 still there waiting for me to belek2.. aarrghh baru baca soalan !a) aku dah menyirap marah, masih guna jawapan salah even though dah ditegur masa dalam kelas.. rasa nak bagi penyepak jer!!"
first of all, puan saya nak mintak maaf sanagt2... i admit that i cant really do this paper...well..most of us i guess since everybody hve the same problem regarding this paper... we're not supposed to hve any problem to answer it for certain reasons but still, kitorang masih lagi tak mampu...or should i say... saya tak mampu puan... this is the first paper which caused me to cried. A LOT! lets go in the time machine and go back to THE DAY~ THE DAY~ since we only have 1 day and a half it quite stressful to read all the topics that will came out for our final paper of AUD 370.. we also hve to struggle on the next paper after that which is our AIS 360 paper which is held just the next day after AUD therefore there are no gap for us to do revision..we hve to catch up about 16 chapters of AIS 360. apart from that our study week hve been reduced to only 4 days and we have 6 paper to answered. OK! on the day, its friday and we hve that paper early in the morning... 8.30 a.m and we dont hve enough sleep for almost 7 days on that day. it was hard for me and plus i am eyes hurt and doctor said i hve an irritation... that does disturb my focus. during my time answering that paper, i dont know what happened,, seems like everything i read is just not in my head... seems like i dont understand the question.. what exactly that the Q's want.. that is the biggest problem i think....u cant answer it since u just dont know what it want.. and on that day, after i finished my paper my ayah came to pick up some of my things since my cute little kancil just dont hve enough space to bring all those things. and right after i see my ayah the tears just drop down. im so disappointed with myself.. i think this is just the worst paper i ever answer... i just cried telling him that i cant answer that paper.SERIOUSLY.! im too scared of disappointing him. im scared my pointer will drop so badly. it's my last semester and i did not expect something like this gonna happened. and with all comments from madam, seems like it's true that we cant do it... urghhhhh!! and result will be out this 25th May, if im not mistaken. and that is only about 3 week from now i guess...wargghhhh!!!
~maaf puan~

"ya Allah, jika rezeki aku ada di situ untuk lulus, Kau luluskan lah aku ya Allah, dan jika tiada rezeki ku Kau berikanlah yang terbaik untuk semua usahaku. hanya Kau yang dpat membantu dan hanya Kau tempat ku berserah. Kau berikanlah kami semua markah yang cemerlang agar kami tidak perlu mengulangi kertas ni. Aminnnnnnn~"


  1. just read ur entry..and think of to link this entry to puan masita hehehe...since we r in the same boat..! haihla.....

  2. jangan nal menggatal...ader yg die lg mengamuk plak...

  3. hoho..kite berdoa jela e'in yer.. =(