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Thursday, August 5

to whom it may concern~

specially made for u..

i dont know why but i feel that we can never be along together.
i dont know how am i doing it all these years.
we're totally different... a 360 degree different. but we still be of what we are now.
it's weird..
u said no n i said yes
u said like but i always dislikes it.
u said A and i always said Z
and sometimes i meant what i say.
i hurt. u ignored.
u hurt. i going to ignore u back
i never meant to brake your heart.
but your attitude just makes me annoyed you more and more each day.
u seems to like what i like but the facts is not!
u seems to be jealous of what im doing and what i have but your never realize the truth beneath all of that.
i hate to be directed. i hate to be told when i know what am i doing..
tat is me. stop dong what i may dislikes and we'll be in peace.
please... just be your self.
just do what u want to do
im sorry~

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