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Wednesday, June 22

STICKY POST : radiusite reka logo and tagline, :)

ehem.. meh2, jom2, kita main like2, :D

saya join satu contest ni, reka logo and tagline contest by RADIUSITE
all designs yang join contest ni are great, and pretty too, :)
meh tolong like design saye yer, (kalau tak nak pon takper) :) - no hard feelings pon, :)

1) kena like fan page radiusite, tekan sini
2)if u like my design then press like (tiada unsur paksaan) :D
my first design ---->tekan sini
my second design ----> tekan sini
3) u may like others design too, they're pretty awesome! :D

thnx for your help, :)

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