Wednesday, December 9

my ballons ; holds memory

salam and greetings to all.

haa..! i been looking to my old stuff last night.. n urghhh!!!
i find a lot of things! my old diary especially..
n untuk mengurangkan bilangan patah perkataan, i tell a bit bout it..
3 buah buku for the past 3 years. it's my diary.. so many things i have wrote in it..
bout me, my frens, family (almost everything in happened i jote it down)
thinking back bout it, it does makde me smile (sometimes laugh!)
it's embaressing exactly. how i wrote bout this guy named ****** which i like the most when i was in form 3. i wore everything about him even our conversation on the phone that last for about 2 hours.
dont ask me how i remembered it. i just DID. urghhh!!! not to be forgotten our masseges also there. i guest i wrote it down so that i will never forgot.
plus. my frens. who's their crushes during our high school.. diana, athirah..
hahha.. how those things make me smile. i remembered also some bout my family. how are they 3 yaers ago. n i also jote down bout my happiness... i almost forgot that "farahin" back then more happy go lucky than now. i guest i just grow matured. (or is that just an excuses) im no longer happy. i miss that "farahin" who wrote things down(i MEAN it. it's everything)
maybe im just that kinda of person. i never let go the past. i kept my memories. i never wanted to forget them ever( forever!)
n how naive i am to even kept an air plane ticket to jakarta because i was so on with one of the steward in that plane. ouuwwhh!!! that is me! warghh!!!
im the type that love everything happened in my life. i never let it go but when im ready to let it go i think i will never think it twice! i will let it go. just like ballons. it hold air in it.. and the air is important to make it fly.. i guess i just need that air and i will never let my ballons off.

lots of love >>> honeydew

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