Monday, December 21

happy birthday..


hurmm.. patutnyer tak payah buat benda nie.. tapi nak buat jugakk kann..
nak wish happy birthday to u.. my dearest sister..
i couldnt resists benda ni.. tak boleh cakap tak sbb it keep following me..
it's okay that i cant wish u phisically coz u dont even want to see my face pon kann..
dah benci sgt agaknyer.. sama macam tahun lepas.. i wish ur birthday but u never replied it.. dont even say thank you to me.. thats the only thing i ever waited for.. tak sangka kan..
how it ends tragically.. suddenly sumer benda pon salah.. sumer benda pon tak betul n i felt like it's some kind of burden for me.. to think back that i've done wrong(is it wrong) coz i dont feel like it..ein ucapkan selamat hari jadi untuk akak n hopefully u will gets what u ever wanted all this i wish to give u a big present but i never get the chance.. just wanted to let u know that i sayang u sis.. happy birthday.. Allah selamatkan kamu di mana pon akak ader skrang nie...
happy birthday to u.
happy birthday to u.
happy birthday dear sister.
happy birthday to u.

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