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Friday, October 2

a week we had

i just learn something about myself.. i do realise it before but today it just like stuck in my head and make me thhink. i have done some quiz in my mate's magz. "Get a bloke, dump your mates" frankly speaking it not about the title that make me think of. it about the resault i found out later on. it says that im kinda soft lass person. kind-hearted and know how to take care of my other friends feeling and try to make things right!! (is it really true that im like that??? can't really believe it) move on.. it also said that im toooooooo depending to other's judgement (means that i need others consideration in making decision) i guess that one is true.. i can't make my own decisions. i need other's. i need to learn to make my own. becouse im the only one know what the best for me.. and feel guilt for myself because it also said that i always hurt my own feeling and even worse i don't even realise it. how bad that was??? think of it back carefully... i think that is true.. i always hurt myself for taking a good care of other's feeeling.. how am i going to avoid it??? that is me.. i remembered there was one time(but this time i know my feeling was hurt) i really took care of someone's feeling... i just loved that person sooo much... kept thinking of that person made ma happy and smile countinuously... but that person liked to stab my feeling deeply.. i dunno whether that person realise it or not but i does make me cry sometimes.. ( without that person's know bout it of course).. it just happened.. i think because i loved u soo muchh.. until now, that person still in my heart eventho we can be define as enemies(to that person and not me) now.. what can i say.. thank you to you for ur time spending with me.. it's been a pleasure knowing someone like you even for a short time..
~terima kasih~



~xie xie nin~
lots of love to you...

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