Wednesday, November 18

perspective from a sprctaclors

salam and greetings to all.. how many of us wears spectacles? do you? or you? maybe you.. what i like to share is something that i've been thinking for soo long... how am i gonna put this into words?? urmm how bout we start for the first time i wear this thing called spectacles? i noticed that one of my eye getting blurr.. so i decided to go and make myself a spectacles and for the first time i wear it and i felt:
+ my view for the world is changing(i mean it's getting narrower) u get it dont u?
+my face structure change

+my perception also change
it like the world getting smaller.

see the world from the view of a rectangle glass infront of my retina and sometimes it does annoyed me. dont u spectaclors think that so? compare it without spectacles u can see the world much wider. u called people with spectacles as nerd but i dont reaaly think it that way. not because im one of them. it's the truth..
there are many reasons why are they wear it, not just because they read book frequently. does it? plus for now there are so many of them who take this spectacles as an accessories. dont u think u guy are nerdy too? think of it. try wear it and u can see the different. tought of >>> honeydew LEARN| LEARNING| LEARNER|

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