Tuesday, February 15


hari keluar bersukan untuk my housemate!! gone for bowling tournament and went to McD to have supper! it's a FUNDYLICIOUS nyte ever!!! hahahah... scream, shout, excitement, happiness and all the laughter is just soooooooooo GOOD therapy before we can actually face our THREE-CONSEQUATIVE-TEST on 27th of FEBRUARY which is on SUNDAY!!! (grrr.) -- pasal test hari ahad can be tolerate tapi yg sakit hatinya is berturut-turut yg mmg takder gap! hailoohhh! are they trying to kill us silently???? giving all the pressure at the same time! a common test from SHAH ALAM! *im dying of reading toooooo many information within 2 weeks!* plus, nothing is saved in my brain cuz im toooooo stress! adehhhh (tapi kan farahin, macam mana bila tengah stress u can still manage to find the time to go out and have fun?? - it's called LETTING GO THE STRESS! - i wish!) here's some schedule for this week and the week after;
starting on tomorrow :
  • 17th February 2011 - possibility my dearest kakak (kak ain and kak wan) akan dtg melawat kami di rumah, which i bet mesti banyak story yg menyebabkan kitorang TAK STUDY? errrr??? ALAMAK!
  • 24th February 2011 - having an induction with part 1 student of my course at UiTM ( sejak dua menjak dah jadi senior ni, teringin jugak nak pegi induction kan...HAHAHHA... well, just for fun.. plus we have special occasion on that night too, better watch out! HAHAH *gelak jahat punya!
  • 27th February 2011 - T-Day! NIGHTMARE becomes REALITY, our tests day!!!! ARRRRGGHHHHH!!! time ni la otak mesti penat habis! 3 paper on 1 day!
10.30 - 12.30 = FAR 300 (akaun paper) 12.30 - 2.00 = TAX320 ( taxation paper) 2.30 - 4.30 = MAF 330 ( financial paper) *all basically is a calculating paper which each of them consists AT LEAST 2 tough topics! grrr. :(

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