Monday, February 7


ohh! dah lepas seminggu bulan februari ni kan... and today is 8th february 2011.. dan lagi, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM!! selamat hari jadi utk mak.. semoga panjang umur n dimurahkan rezeki hendaknya.... how long has it been mak dah jadi seorang mak???hahahah... n u have done such a good job in raising ur only daughter and also sons! well, life is something unpredictable kan...

here is a love letter untuk mak,,

dear mother, it been a while..
as for me have become ur only daughter but not the only child.
dear mother, im regretfull
of all the mistakes i have done towards you and and causes tears drop from your eyes.
dear mother, it's never been easy..
to become the only girl in a broken family..
dear mother, the never word which never fade away...
u never neglected me, u never away from me, and u never dispair me
dear mother, heart and joy..
all the happiness that we've been trough
and also all the hardness that never leaves us alone..
im sorry for everything that i say,
everyhting that i done,
everything tht i never even realise for all these years..
dear mother, how much as u love me,
and i love you even more...
it's just something that can be never revealed in reality...
my love just keep on hiding in the dark but never fade away, TRUST ME! :')

yeap! happy birthday mak! :)

skip! skip! skip!

and dah masuk sebulan jugak dekat uitm ni... and also... dah macam dah nak masuk final... eventho, final comes within 2 months in future but the way we're studying right now kind of dah nak macam final...evry day, books can never leave us alone... rasenyer nak cari masa utk bersuka ria pon kind of susah sgt sedangkan baru masuk bulan 2...haiyaaaa! im too stress but like i said before... doing my best for my final year!!! hopefully will grad in flying colors!!! ngeee~~~

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