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Saturday, December 11

a daughter rant

list which content wishes from a daughter, which make my eyes teary~

  • oh dear family, i have been dreaming to have a good time with my family (with all the members) to eat dinner together and have a full amusing discussion, :')
  • Oh dear mother, how i wish u ever notice the existence of me, :')
  • can anyone just hear me out sometime, am i the only one who been doing such mistakes??? or am i just another black sheep in the family? :'(
  • please be fair, im begging you, please!
  • oh daddy, when is it the last time we have such a good holiday? as far as im concerned, none. :(
  • dear mother, im naughty enough to you, but i never said i hate you, in fact i love you so much~
  • oh daddy, can you hear their critics?? can you just be much better???

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