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Sunday, December 4

buat busy or memang busy?

to-do list memang dah cukup panjang lately ni,

with all assignments moving towards their due date, my head stuck.
(bahana tangguh kerja - own fault)
so not gonna merintih meratap sayu pilu on how my life is going on currently.

been busy doing all the assignment n buat-buat busy when mak ask me whether balik rumah or tak weekend ni. n i say no, maaf tak balik sebab "buat-buat busy"

kalau balik banyak sangat oppurtunity cost, and not even bestest choice is choosen sebab all things orang pilih will be "precious my own leisure time" - watching movie, tv, all sorts of entertaiment and sleep all day long. HAHAH

so better jgn balik untuk mngelakkan those things untuk berlaku. grrr..

n lately ni, im kinda dissapoint with myself, to not be strong on all sorts of things.
never give my best.
never strike hard enough to achieve what i supposed to.
need to get a grip.!

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