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Friday, December 30


back then, when i was a little child, and when i was asked about what i wanna be when im big, the normal answer that i'd say was...... urmm.. i dont really remember actually.

and again, back then, during my secondary school, i still remember that i was following my friends answer to become an accountant. but actually during that time my first answer would be a teacher.
and when i reached the time of my age was 16 years old, im enrolled to an accounting class and since there is one thing that i really want to be. NOPE~ not an accountant. but to be a fashion designer. yup! weird huh. why? because i love designing things basically. and the reason why i take accountant is just to ensure my future because i do hear rumors that be a fashion designer will not give such a bright future.
and yes, at that time i've planned my future accordingly. since for my accounting class i have no subject for art therefore i've decided to take an outside tuition for my art subject and i'm going to sit for that paper during my SPM, and yes, i've made it. flying colors result brighten up my day.!

and how am i glad at that time i can become a fashion designer, i even apply to persuade my study in art and again, i've got the offer letter to go for an interview. and that was the point where i have to let go my dream as my parents against my will. with the reason that becoming of what i want wont give me any future. and only Allah knows how sad am i during that time.

since i cant be what i wanna be and i dont want to be what they want me to be, so i decided to persuade my study in accounting. and Alhamdulillah bacause there's still an offer for me.
and even sometimes i have regret in what i have studied now, but there's always reason for everything happened kan, Allah knows best.

but, i think slowly i can regain my dream. if i have the guts to proceed it dont u think so too???

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