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Monday, January 10

how long has it been?

fuhhhh~ fuhhh~ penuhnye debu sawang segala bagai.... berapa lama tak tekan-tekan keypad??? long time okayy! been busy...
coming back to melacca and tons of things should be done! baru second week kat sini tapi macam dah sebulan...a lot of week dah ader presentation... CTU plak tu...hailohhh~! well, everything comes with it's pros and cons aite??? positive thinking farahin, ur final sem and u should do ur best! think bout the future and u can do it! (positivenyerrrrr~) hahahhahahahah....
kadang-kadang life ni macam ni lah..macam sekarang ni... sumtimes good and sometimes not kan... so, just what i need to do??? just keep on smiling coz that will be the only way to make up my day... (but then, i think my day pon takderlah teruk sangat kan, ) everything just fall perfectly at their places, good things and also bad things... few unexpected but then, fine in the end...
tons of stories, tons of laugh and few drop of tears of course,
just a brief update, see ya soon... :)

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