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Thursday, October 20


having dinner with complete family without any awkward feelings - priceless.

yesterday BEL's class, there was this article relating to effects to the children of broken family. masa baca tu tak ada la rasa pape pun, since dah used to it. but there are some time when this kind of feeling somehow show up like ntah-tak-tahu-kenapa. its like bila pikir-pikir balik it goes like this,
'oh! rupana dah lama sangat i dont have family dinner,'

but since memang ade reasons for this then the feeling kind off masuk-balik-dalam-dalam-and-takkan-keluar.. hahahahah...

what would be the priceless things for you right now? bak kata Wan, "nothing is coming" which means, i cant even think of any for the time being. ahhhh~~~~

but there's something i think (tadi kata nothing is coming, ttbe ade i think pulak? hahahah..sungguhlah bertarabur) sangat priceless to me, my faith, toward Allah The Almighty, in the process of making it better. Do help me out.

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