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Wednesday, October 26


around 9 am this morning, we arrived at UiTM Shah Alam, for the event of taking our robes. sampai memang morning, but due to certain issues, kami sedikit terlawat dalam pengambilan jubah.

barisan yg tak serupa barisan, kalah rupa ular kena palu. but we managed to get through, depan panasnyer...nasib baik tak hujan je during waiting in the lines tu... punyalah ramai para graduan yg duk sibuk amik jubah..

n there it goes, waiting in the lines, waiting n waiting sampai tiba turn and we all pon amik jubah n saya dapat size quite besar (M pun kira besar) since jubah mmg besar pun but oke lahh....

and after dah amik2 jubah tu, we all pun keluar lah.... n di sana, i see u...hahhaha.. in red shirt, with jeans and sneakers. thats it. thats it. im glad i see u n im glad im ready for the things that i'll do... big smile on my face for almost a week maybe... sooooo happpppyyy! :D

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