Wednesday, November 28

ups and downs it is.


been busy lately, so busy to the extent that i cant even pampered myself anymore.
masa berlalu macam orang yang sedang pecut menuju tali kemenangan. betul punya laju.

big weeks it is. especially during this last few weeks before we starts our study week. i think our study week begin on 21st of december. Soon! Very Soon!

As usual, bila dah nak habis semester ni, test kembali berderet-deret-deret. Every week 1 test and for next week presentation and more tests. Color pens everywhere, A4 paper everywhere, and time to study still missing somewhere else, errr??? apakah? ;)

we've been busy doing this! INDUSTRIAL WALK POSTER EXHIBITION for our IBM subject, well, account students DO HAVE CREATIVITY OK! jangan pandang kami dengan hanya kalkulator di tangan. because we're all human, and both of our left and right side of brain is still functioning outrageously! HAHAH, sungguh exaggerated disitu!

A cute freebies that have been prepared by us to anyone who came and read our poster.

Girls behind the poster! yeay girls! we did it! proud to all of us. Managed to settle everything even though there are some time constraint! we're the best aite? 

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