Friday, April 6

type A


and few others criteria yang sudah luput dari ingatan,
the facts that being a talkative person i think most of the time it is not a good thing.
when you talk you exaggerate. eg. 1+1=2 and a talkative person can explain more and sometimes its annoying to someone else.
and when the times come they say stop before you even finish. and it makes you realize that you should change the way you talk.
cakap bila perlu.
itu sepatutnya kan.
when things like this happen it makes me wonder, a few things. in which this time i''ve decided to keep it silent. for everyone's sake and also me, myself.

maaf untuk sekali lagi. (kalaulah kau baca, aku memang betul mintak maaf. tapi kau macam part of my family in which aku tak dapat nak cakap maaf depan-depan bila aku betul-betul nak mintak maaf kat kau.)

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