Thursday, April 21

8 days to go!

craziest housemate ever! GIRLS! u ROCK! may Allah bless
counting days!
there's bout 8 days to go before the day reach to 30th of April.. which it is the end of our final exam and also our last day here, at UiTM Melaka, Lendu...
So many things happened for bout this 3 years..
Sweetest memories of me and my friend will never be forgotten..
"girls, never ever ends our friendship!"
3 years of memory seems to be too short for me i guess...
Tonnes of laugh, and tears just matured all of us more, dont they??
learning with u girls just sooooooooooooo full of excitement..
here i learn to be a better muslim too..
and again, girls, thanks for all the support..
from a wild girl, i turned out to be a better person...
and still trying to change... (well, u know how hard it is)
to all dazzle-ians! I LOVE UOLLSSSS SO MUCH!
memory can never be erased.
and to my housemate!
Nor Hafizah Jamaluddin. Aienna Khalid, Lilies Sulastri, Nur Ezzati, Nur Syafin, Aisyah Suhaimi, Aqila Nadira, Nur Athirah, Nor Laila...
---> girls! u are the bestest mate ever! utk semuanya. untuk tangan yg menghulur, untuk telinga yang sudi mendengar, untuk mata yang sudi menangis bersama, dan untuk bahu yang sudi dipinjamkan. (P/S: kalau kawin nnt jgn lupa jemput yer, :P)
and to mu roomate yang sedikit( or sepatutnya TOTALLY) crazy???? Nur Amila with so many alias thank you so much... jasa anda tak kan di lupakan... semoga dapat jadi lecturer nanti, (Amiinnn)
untuk Cik Puti Arifah n Nor Azwa, both of you also... TERIMA KASIH...seems like kita tak dapat jadi house mate but we're still classmate dont we??? sorry if i ever hurt u girls... (i know i do)
never meant to neglect any of u girls.. hopefully kite masih jumpa time degree nnt...
juga untuk my bestest friend ever! Cik Rusydiana... insyAllah sahabat dunia akhirat... even kita maybe dah tak rapat macam dulu(masa sekolah2) well, it's good to know u're making friends here too...kau tetap kawan aku n i will never forget u...(just in case) so many if seems like a bad things huh??? different courses masa degree???well, u hava ur own way... n dear friend, i'll never forget to pray for you...
and lastly, untuk awak dan awak... terima kasih untuk 3 tahun ni... terima kasih untuk ada dekat sini dan terima kasih sebab awak ada lah... (eventho u never realized the presence of me here) tapi saya ada dan saya tengok awak. well, kalau ada jodoh maybe kita akan jumpa lagi...who am i to judge bout it right? both of you nampaknya happy with ur life here (well, so do i).... :)
n untuk kak erna, thnx for the experience for jadi "kakak" saya sekejap.....
lotsa love ; FARAHIN.