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Wednesday, May 26

memori daun pisang... ahaks~

nak bukak citer thn 2004 and so on..

fuhh~ how im gonna put this into words? lets begin..

i have this habit of writing down all memories that i think i like..a.k.a i have diary.. diari pertama on 2004 which is 6 years ago..more or less la kan.. n today.. i read back all those things yg aku dah jote in there..n guess what?? i laugh out loud.. YA ALLAH..tak sangka nyer aku begitu..all the details make me surprise..because there are some of them yg aku dah lupa n now baca balik i sounds funny.. little kid writing+all things happened.. mmg klakar tahap gaban betul..

(diary 2004)
few things here.. ader tercoretnyer kisah ayah dan mak yg akan i felt that i hate it so much n ape yg terkrluar dari mulut aku..
some of the; " ayah ader rumah lain"
jawapan yg ayah bagi when im aking about "ayah nak pegi maner?" on the night he took me from hurts me a LOT.. i mean it..a LOT!
n few things about my crush... school days.. which im so in love with this one boy Mr.F. everything about him ader dlm nie.. when he sit besides me..when he sampaikan salam dari org lain kpd weird is that? i guess i am a stalker..sume pasal dier aku nak taw kan.. everything..tambah pulak time tu baru dpt phone then aku berharap sgt la dapat no phone dier..klakar abis lah..huhuhu... OMG.. MR.F..if awk terbaca benda ni.. i wanna let u know something... i pernah ader crush ngan u..hahahha..but now?never~!

to be continued~

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