Tuesday, September 6


nur athirah najiah binti mohd aripin, known since standart 5, become bestest friend since standart 6, up until now... :D

rusydiana binti mohd zaidi, known since form 1, become bestest friend since form 2, up until now..... :D

dari zaman kanak-kanak ribena, sampai zaman ribena dah kacuk-kacuk dengan lemon ngan strawberry sekarang alhamdulillah, masih bersahabat... even tak selalu contact but they always there. :) amin...

we're crazy? yes we are~ we're connected? yes we are~ on what? i dont know, but there's something.... :D

how long has it been? 12 years? laugh and tears~
almost 9 years, and still going... :d
and among us, since kita mmg "FREE" for all this time dan awak yg dah mendahului kita-kita yang lain..hahahah...and Alhamdulillah, kita semua akan sambung our degree at the same place again kan.. UiTM, and syukur kita juga akan grad on the same time even bukan same day, no worries, i'll try to be there utk bergembira bersama :)
btw: friends are not meant to be always forever, but when you find one, do cherish them. :D

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