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Saturday, May 21

apa rasanya?

A twin is one of two offspring produced in the same pregnancy.[1] Twins can either be identical (in scientific usage, "monozygotic"), meaning that they develop from one zygote that splits and forms two embryos, or fraternal ("dizygotic") because they develop from two separate eggs that are fertilized by two separate sperm. - source; wikipedia..

yup! twins! dalam kata melayunya kembar... apa rasanya ada kembar? tak kisahlah identical or not identical.. pada saya u are one another... well, u share ur mummy's tummy together-gather the same time... besides yg takder kembar ni just duduk diam-diam kat dalam tu sensorang...

my family kinda hve that twins genetic... yup! mak long saya ada anak kembar dan anak kepada mak long saya tu juga ada anak kembar dan saya juga ada adik beradik kembar which is my younger brother... and saya ada kawan yang ada kembar and saya juga sukakan someone yang ada kembar... (errr.... betull..tak tipu punya...).. my life is full with twins u know...

basically all kind, kembar seiras, tak seiras, kembar same gender and lain-lain gender... isn't it interesting???hahhaa... yupp.. i know it is...

i've always wondered... apa rasanya ada kembar... i heard their stories pasal they hve instinct such as bila half of them is hurt the one will fell it too? betul ker??? i've never asked my brothers pasal ni, i wonder why??...hurmmm... they like similar things.... (like dark chocolate) ;).. and also i heard yang usually twins ni selalunya sorang tu pasif and sorang lagi aktif...well they reflects each other...for an example, sorang suka sport but the other one tak and one suka art but the other does not..betul ker?? (for this one i think my brothers tak since they both loves sport, ke sebab diorang guys thats why they like sports??) hurmmm....apa lagi?? i dunno...they shared the same feelings??? they understand each other better...

its nice to hve someone yang boleh share everything kan, since dia is half of kita kan?? so, everything is just fall to the right place...either u hve tears, or joy u can hve someone to shared's not like we dont hve anyone...but bila kita ada twins dia macam lain sikit kan... (ohh! how i wish i hve a twin) WOW!!! fun!!

ayu and dora ; cousin.. diorang ni pon kembar..cute kan?? ngeee~~ (but they reflects each other so much sbenarnyer... to one of you...maaf..tiada gambar yg lebih macho drpd yang ni) ;)

echa and dodi - echa kawan saya tapi dodi bukan sebab dia study tmpat lain.. (maaf, gambar dodi saya tak ada.. nak cilok kat fb tak berani plak..ngeee)

fadzlan and fadzlin ; my brothers...please ignore yg tgh tu sebab dia takder kena mengena, (ngeee~ yup..inilah adik saya.. tak sama kan muka diorang..)

my phone ; oppppsss! handphone saya pon ada kembar tau..di beli pada hari yang sama dan satu tu saya punya n lagi satu my friend punya, :)
and saya juga takder gambar my nephew yang kembar tu...dirang kembar lain gender..sorang laki n sorang pompuan(yang tu lagi tak sama muka, amir and amirah! heheheh)

p/s: saya boleh sapat anak kembar la kan??? :)


  1. terkejut aku psl hp..x expect..=) aku rs ko kuat genetic kembar..=) usaha sebaik mungkin.yeah!! go ein!!

  2. hhahhahah..kembar tetap kembar kn...jyeahhh! go ein! :D